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The lives of five debt collection agents are changed forever when most of them get superpowers.

They must decide whether to use their powers for good, evil, or basically nothing. With great power comes great responsibility, except that's also a lot of work and there's not a lot of pay in it, so maybe everyone can just chill out on the subject.

Abe Epperson
Cody Johnston, Katy Stoll, Michael Swaim, Greg Scali, Soren Bowie, Sarah Schreiber

Streaming Anbieter:
Streaming Anbieter:
Session 1
Ep. 1 - Pilot - The Eclipse Laufzeit: 6 Min. zum Stream
Ep. 2 - Super Powers are Totally Sh*tty Laufzeit: 6 Min. zum Stream
Ep. 3 - Powers Grow, People Dont Laufzeit: 6 Min. zum Stream
Ep. 4 - No Thanks Laufzeit: 5 Min. zum Stream
Ep. 5 - Super Powers dont Equal Superhero Laufzeit: 7 Min. zum Stream
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